For those students who have family, friends or just the resources to be in New York longer, and might want to ask the faculty to be there all quarter, an arrangement is possible. That option would require that you present the oral section of you Individual project ahead of time or via Skype, and arrange [...]

SAFETY – Luggage

SAFETY These are minimal safety precautions. New York, as any large city, requires some awareness and savvy. PLEASE DO research about traveling in large cities and in New York in particular. REMEMBER 1. DO NOT EVER leave your luggage unattended even for a moment. 2. ALWAYS keep your luggage in sight when checking into a [...]

How much will this cost me?

How much will I need? You will need a minimum of about $2100.00 for six weeks. Item Min. Cost Explanation Lodging 1260.00 Intl. Hostelling NY dorm room from $29/night Food 630.00 $15.00/day, simple nutritious meals Public Transportation 162.00 (1)30-day, (2) 7-day Unlimited Metrocards Airport Bus 25.00 Round trip/Many options available TOTAL 2077.00 THESE ARE MINIMUMS. [...]

Application Materials

Thank you for your interest! Here are the three files for the forms you need to apply. The application materials consists of three parts, an application, a project proposal, and a proposed syllabus to give you an idea of what to expect. It is not a difficult process at all, it just requires you to [...]


    Please use this information your own risk. No part of this information is meant as a recommendation or a suggestion of where to stay. Pease do your own research. The faculty is providing all enclosed information for the sole convenience of students in the class. Neither the faculty nor the college assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained therein. Please note that any prices quoted change without notice.
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