SAFETY – Luggage

SAFETY These are minimal safety precautions. New York, as any large city, requires some awareness and savvy. PLEASE DO research about traveling in large cities and in New York in particular. REMEMBER 1. DO NOT EVER leave your luggage unattended even for a moment. 2. ALWAYS keep your luggage in sight when checking into a [...]

Lodging • Men Only Hostels

These hostels provide usually safer and inexpensive alternative for men. They tend to have more access controls that the ones listed above. Many are related to religious organizations and are super clean and simple places that don’t require any religious affiliation or activities. Do some research! KOLPING HOUSE (MEN)  165 East 88th St. New [...]

Lodging in NY – Staying for Free

Staying for free is the most difficult option. It would probably involve cobbling a stay out of different options, unless you get a place to house-sit. HOUSE SITTING: Ask everybody you know if they know anybody living in New York or New Jersey that needs someone to take care of their home. You never know!!! [...]


    Please use this information your own risk. No part of this information is meant as a recommendation or a suggestion of where to stay. Pease do your own research. The faculty is providing all enclosed information for the sole convenience of students in the class. Neither the faculty nor the college assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained therein. Please note that any prices quoted change without notice.
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