Week 10

Monday – Integrative Writing – bring one 3×5 card, writing paper, stapler if possible

Bring Week 9 integration page and post on Moodle – no week 10 integration page

Self and Faculty evaluation workshop

Open Space Offerings – to be posted on Moodle


Book Fair – bring poster for your book – see guidelines on Book Review

Bring one paragraph signed letters for each member of your peer group – how she/he

contributed to your learning – what could be done differently

Wednesday – Body Systems Exam, Food as Medicine Groups

Thursday – Integrative Lab – bring art supplies

Sustainable Food as Medicine Potluck – Sem II D2105 – bring your own plate, utensils, cup

Portfolio review – see portfolio checklist posted on Moodle to help organize your portfolio

Seminar Closure

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Week 9


Your sabbath reflections for week 8 will be your integrative page for week 8 – please bring a hard copy for faculty and post online

Guest Speaker:  Spin Bain : Addictions- The Journey to Recovery

Yoga as Therapy DVD

Seminar Ticket:  Freedom From Addiction

Write one paragraph about the major ideas in the first half of the book.   How is this model of health similar or different from other ideas presented in the program?

Write 3 conceptual questions

Tuesday – Peer Group

Review Study Guides

Wednesday – Prospectus and Book Review Due

Chakra Review

Food as  Medicine Groups

Thursday – Yoga, Movement, Integrative Art Lab – Bring art supplies

Thursday afternoon – Mindmap rest of “Freedom from Addiction” with connections to other program ideas

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Week 8

Monday :  Robin Landsong  – Guest

Body Systems

Seminar – Bring revised Sabbath chapter to read and hand in , revised draft of prospectus

Tuesday – Thurday – implement Sabbath – any geographic location

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Week 7


Theresa Wood – Santos from Academic Advising – Online Contract System

Body Systems: Psychoneuroimmunology

1:30- 3 pm – Open Space – see options on Moodle

3:30- Sabbath- Read both Sabbath reflections and Sabbath assignment posted under week 7 on Moodle – Bring 3 copies of draft of your Sabbath chapter to seminar

Tuesday – Peer Groups

Revised prospectus drafts – bring 3 copies – turn in one to faculty


Chakra 6

Food as Medicine

Thursday – College closed to observe Veteran’s Day

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Week 6

Monday and Tuesday- Meet your faculty for your conference – Bring winter quarter worksheet ( downloadable from Moodle), bring your portfolio in progress- seminar tickets, mindmaps, mandalas, integrative pages and prospectus work in a binder ( print and include a copy of any missing seminar tickets) Mukti’s Office – Lab II 2268, Joanna Sem II 2132

Tuesday -Peer group – 2:30 pm – Plan open space week 7 Monday- 1:30- 3 pm, 5 break out spaces – think about what you want to learn or what you might convene – read Open Space handout week – Bring 3 copies of the draft of your prospectus for peer editing today

Wednesday – Thursday Field Trip to Harmony Hill, Union, Wa www.harmonyhill.org

Meet at 9:15 am in the parking lot near the pathway from the Com building to Parking Lot C – Bus departs at 9:30 am – no waiting for latecomers!- please leave message on faculty phone ( 867-6752) by 9 am Wed. if you won’t be able to come on the retreat

Bring seminar books “Brain that Changes Itself” and ” My  Stroke of Insight”-

create a mindmap for “My Stroke of Insight” that can connect to your week 5 mindmap from “Brain that Changes itself” ( Joanna will return mindmaps in conferences) – bring both mindmaps – and 3 questions, integration page copy for faculty

yoga mat if you have one – the facility has 24 mats, so some of us need to bring our mat

layers of clothes for movement, potentially working outside, raingear- change of clothes if you get wet outside


nonperishable protein snacks for yourself

water bottle if you have one

scissors and collage images – personal and collective images

oil pastels and colored pencils

do not bring a lot of extra junk as the rooms we are staying in are not that large

facility will provide towels and bedding

bring your main lunch item for Wed ( sandwich, etc.)- Harmony Hill will provide side salad for lunch, and full meals for wed. dinner,  Thursday breakfast and lunch

Bring sleeping wear and whatever you need ( bathrobe , etc) to be able to go to a bathroom down the hall from your sleeping quarters – we will be in nice cabins and lodges

Bus will return by 3:30 pm Thursday

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Week 5


Integrative Writing – Bring a 3 by 5 card,  bring enough lined notebook paper to write  10 essays ( 2-3 paragraphs each)

Immune System and Neuroplasticity

Seminar – Read ch 1-3 of “Brain that Changes Itself” and bring 3 conceptual questions

Tuesday – Peer Group

Review learnings for the week for integration page, study body systems


Body Systems Mid -Term, Chakra 4- Bring Pencils for Mandalas, Food As Medicine


Integrative Lab – Bring yoga mat, pastels, colored pencils, mandalas

Seminar – Finish “Brain that Changes Itself” Create mindmap with quotes and text references and bring 3 questions

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Week 4

Monday – Guest speaker – Dr. Leslie Korn – Culture and Behavioral

Medicine http://drlesliekorn.com/

Muscular and skeletal System

Monday seminar ticket:

1. Think of a health challenge you, a family member or someone you

know have experienced. Write a one to two page healing story in response to

this health challenge that reflects qualities from Kitchen Table Wisdom.. Bring one copy without your name on it for these stories to be read aloud anonymously ( also submit one copy with 3 conceptual questions with your name on it to faculty).

Tuesday – Peer Group

Bring personal laptop computer if you have one. Review Zotero and

make sure everyone in your group knows how to use Zotero.

Discuss learnings for weekly integration page.

Review Study Guide.


Center for Community Based Learning – winter internships

Third Chakra

Food as Medicine


Integrative Lab – bring yoga mat and art supplies

Seminar Ticket -

bring mindmap with quotes and page number and 3 typed conceptual q


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Week 3


Guest presenter – Robin Landsong – Cranial Sacral Therapy, Medicine Art, Singing Medicine- www.landsong.net

Skeletal System

Monday Seminar Ticket- “Narrative Medicine”

1. What is the thesis ( main idea ) of the chapters you read ? Summarize in 2-3 sentences.

2. . What was the cultural story of healing you heard in your family or community ( one paragraph)

3. Write 3 conceptual questions

Tuesday- Peer group

Prospectus assignment

Report on mindful eating assignment – what facilitates mindful vs. mindless eating?

Discuss how program work relates to learning goals on syllabus and your own understanding of health – take notes on what is emerging for week 3 Integration page

Work on Food as Medicine Group Presentation and creation of 1-2 page handout for presentation – need to submit this electronically to Mukti by Tuesday at 5 pm before your Wed. Food as Medicine presentations throughout the quarter


Library Data Bases – meeting place to be announced

Second Chakra

Food as Medicine


Integrative Lab – starts at 9:15 am, wear layers and bring yoga mat


Bring Mindmap ( drawn with pencils given on Monday) include page numbers and quotes on mindmap http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newISS_01.htm and 3 typed questions.

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Week Two

Monday: Class meets in Sem II A1107

Autonomic nervous system & viewing of The Living Matrix: A film on the New Science of Healing. A Chakra Handout and Autonomic Nervous System Handout have been added to Moodle down loadable files. Please print them out and bring  with you to class on Monday.

Seminar Ticket:

1. Summarize the main ideas of “The Cure Within”  intro – Ch. 3.  Describe at least 2 ways in which the main ideas of the “The Cure Within” are similar or different from key ideas in “Deep Medicine”. ( bring both books to seminar).

2.  What do you agree with or disagree with from “The Cure Within”- cite pg numbers.

3. Create 3 conceptual questions arising from your reading of the first half of the book.  Number these as 1, 2. 3.

Your seminar ticket should be 1- 2 pages

Tuesday - Peer groups meet in Sem II 2105

Bring your ideas together for your peer group Wed. presentations on Food as Medicine – each presentation will be 2o minutes starting week 3 ( 2 groups present per week ) create a 1-2 page handout that can be posted about your group’s topic on Food as Medicine for your presentation – list books, websites, resources, as well as a narrative description of the topic.  How will you integrate theory and practice in your presentation?- spend 1 hour on this discussion.

Winter quarter independent studies – brainstorm on what you might like to learn, how will you  craft your studies and /or internship – spend 30 minutes on this discussion.

Integrative page – First, discuss as a group what is emerging in your learning about Mind-Body Medicine in the program? How does it relate to what you are experiencing in your own  health?  This will be a weekly reflection to discuss with the group on Tuesday and type up one page that you will label as Integrative page week 2. Turn in your typed integrative page on Thursday seminar this week.

Wed- Theory and Practice:  Energy Body and 8 Limbs of Yoga

Thursday - Integrative Lab

Thursday Seminar-

What are the main ideas of the last part of the Cure Within ( Ch. 4- Conclusion)?  How do some of the text ideas relate to “The Living Matrix” film?

Write 3 conceptual questions relating to the last half of “The Cure Within?”

( 1- 2 pages)

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Week One

Welcome to the Mind -Body Medicine program!

Dr. Joel Levey, Evergreen alumni will be joining us for our first day to speak on Mind-Body Medicine and health care. Some of Dr. Levey’s work specifically on mind-body medicine can be found at:


Please read the following short article on Mind – Body Medicine applications in Gaza for Monday seminar: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/08/world/middleeast/08gaza.html?_r=4

Thursday seminar ticket:

Bring 2 typed copies of your paper addressing the following questions:

1.  What are the main ideas of “Deep Medicine” – cite specific page numbers and quotes.

2.  How do the ideas of “Deep Medicine” relate to Dr. Levey’s talk – similarities an differences?

3. Write 3 conceptual questions – ( how, what , where, when) that are emerging from this reading. List as questions 1, 2 and 3.

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