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You are required to keep an organized portfolio of all assignments.  It will be checked mid-quarter during a brief meeting with your faculty and turned in on the last day of class in a small expandable file folder.  The following sections in the correct order will be included in your portfolio.

1.     A draft of your self-evaluation
2.     Seminar papers
3.     Responses to weekly study questions posted on the website
4.     Reading notes (focus on key concepts and terminology, how texts relate to program theme, ideas that you glean from your reading.  If you tend to write notes in the margins, it will be necessary to transcribe these notes for the portfolio)
5.     Class notes from lectures, workshops, seminars, attendances and other activities
6.     Program handouts
7.     Field observation project (notes and summary paper with annotated bibliography)
8.     Cornell Box paper (you will do a presentation but not turn in your Cornell Box)