This is the homepage for the Summer 2010 First-Order Logic group contract.  We’ll meet for this subject on Mondays at Xpm and Thursdays at Ypm (except as otherwise agreed).

Textbook: We’re using the text A Mathematical Introduction to Logic, 2nd edition, by Enderton.  In these five weeks, we’ll work through chapters 1 and 2. 

Exams: There will be one take-home exam at the end.

Homework: we’ll use the turn-in system, so each time we meet you’ll submit one problem for grading (so, you’ll submit two problems per week).  You’ll maintain a portfolio of your work on the problems you don’t hand in; I’ll review your completed portfolio at the end when I write your evaluation.  We’ll use the homework assignments I gave the last time I taught this subject.  Here they are, with due dates:

  • Due Thursday, July 29: hw1
  • Due Monday, August 2: hw2
  • Due Thursday, August 5: hw3
  • Due Monday, August 9 (no meeting): hw4
  • Due Thursday, August 12 (no meeting): hw5
  • Due Monday, August 16: hw6
  • Due Thursday, August 19: hw7
  • Due Monday, August 23: hw8
  • Due Monday, August 30: Take-home Final Exam