This is the homepage for the Summer 2010 Group Theory group contract.  We’ll meet for this subject on Tuesdays at 11am.

Textbook: We’re using Gallian’s Contemporary Abstract Algebra, working through chapters 1-11 or so.  

Homework: We’ll use the homework assignments from the last time I taught this subject; you can find them here.  (For a couple of the chapters, there are also some problems here; we did a bit more group theory in the Winter quarter, and the chapters are a bit out of order.)  Each week, you should choose one problem to turn in; this should be an example of your best work, as it will be the work I comment on most informedly in your evaluation.  If you choose easy problems to submit, I’ll take that to mean you aren’t able to do the harder ones, so turn in the hardest/most interesting problems you can.  You should keep the other problems (the ones you don’t turn in) in a portfolio that you’ll turn in at the end of the quarter.

Exams: If you’re doing this for 4 credits, you’ll take two take-home exams.