April 17

1.  Review and Quiz

2.  Communication and Gmail

3.  Assignments and Attendance

4.  Computer Output

5.  The if statement:  Compare and Branch
—Flow of Control:    Procedures,  the Brackets..  {  }
—Flow of Control:   if,  if else,  Brackets, No —Brackets,  &&,  ||
—Programming Process

6.  On the computers: How to Write Code
—if examples
——Simple Example  Functions?  Flow of Control
——W3School examples   Explore:  Variables, ——Comments,  Assignments,  If
——else and &&
——Credit Program on W3Schools:  Credits?  ———-Attendance, Passing Scores,  Assignments

7.  Tic Tac Toe:
—–  Play it:  Roll your eyes back and watch your Brain work
—– Write it in English
—– JavaScript Examples

8.  Seminar:

9.  History of Computers
———–Mechanical Devices
———–Tubes (bugs)
———–Integrated Circuits
———–Miniturization (VLSI)
———–Parallel Computers
—–History of Software:

10.  Why Digital?

11.  Binary numbers

12  To Do list

13  Work time

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