May 1

1.  Review Written Exam

2.  Review:  Where we are:  Know, Do, Believe
          — Model, 6 things, 5 statements
          — Church/Turing
          — Computer Learning, Creating, Emotion

3.  Where we are headed:
          –  Experience Teaching Thinking:  Same?
          –  Examine parts:  Transistors vs Neurons
          –  Examine Process
          –  Evaluate

4.  Programming Languages

5.  Big O and Scalability

6.  Presentations

7.  Read Code Competency

8.  Write Code Competency

9.  Programs:  Questions and Work Time
         — Craps,   Craps with Functions/Graphics
         – Tic Tac Toe,    Teaching Tic Tac Toe

10.  Read Code:  Functions.  The Run Time Stack
      –Example 1
      –Example 2

11.  Mastermind:  Play

12.  Solve By Exhaustion:  For Loop
      — Example1
      — Example2

13.  To Do

14.  Work Time

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