May 10

1.  Review Competency Exam
-Do Write Code Competency
- Do Function Read Competency
-Review for Test

2.  Craps and Competencies

3.  Strings:
- Book examples
- charAt exampleExample 2
Print backwards,  Every other letter
** Challenge:  Remove every vowel
- indexOf    Example2

3.  Solve by Exhaustion Challenge/  TTT

4.  Mastermind:  Discuss
starter code

5.  Presentations

6.  Brain Group Presentations
1.  Function of a Neuron
2.  Communications between Neurons
3.  Brain Regions, Functions, and Scanning
4.  Consciousness and Free Will
5.  Brain/Computer Interface or Simulation

7.  Arrays
User Input
– Array Competency Template

8.  Array Competency

9. Object Oriented Programming
- Evolution:  Art, Structure, OOP
- Object Defined:  Class with Exceptions
- WHY?  Code Reuse
- Examples

10.  To Do

11.  Work Time

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