Kurzweil Review, Ch 4 through 6

We will have a seminar over Kurzweil, Chapter 5 and 6 on May 10.  Come with the answers to the following questions, plus other notes you have to discuss.  For each question talk about what the book says along with your own reaction.

1.  (Ch 4)  Can a machine have a personal History?  A God?
2.  (Ch 4)  Is there a materialistic reduction to intelligence?
3.  (Ch 5)  Is chaos in the world increasing or decreasing?
4.  (Ch 5)  Is the Turing Test adequate to determine intelligence?
5.  (Ch 5)  Can we meet or exceed human inputs on the Computer?
6.  (Ch 5)  Are 10,000 rat brains smarter than one human brain?
7.  (Ch 6)  Where do you agree/disagree with Kurzweil’s answer to Searle?

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