May 15

1.  Competency Review and Course Status
      – Brain vs Transistor
      – TTT, Mastermind, 8-Puzzle
      – Missing assignments and Extra Credit
      – Portfolio
      – Credit: Competencies, Assignments, Attendance

2. Computer Science
         – Hardware, Software, Theory
         – Jobs??

3.  Software Engineering:
      -Software Crisis
      -Poor success rate
      -Causes:  Optimism,  Code hard to change,  Specs..
   -Tools:  DFD,   ERD,   Non-technical person must be able to read
      – Solutions:   Languages,  Prototypes,  REUSABLE CODE    
4.  Stuctured Programming:
  -Dikstra:  Goto considered harmful:    while and if.    SESE code
  – Data Structures:   Stack, Queue, Tree, etc
  -Object Oriented Programming:   Marry interface and implementation:
       -Idea:   everything is a group and what separates it from group
       – Mac,  Xerox, and GUI programming
   -We are using:  String is a class:   nums.length    string.charAt()
           -Object is an instance of a class
           -How to make a new Credit Union software using OOP

5.  Presentations

6.  Mastermind

7.  Brain Group Meeting

8.  What makes a computer fast?
        – Size
        -Bus Size
         – Word size
         – Clock Speed        

9.  Computer Simulator

10.  Transistor

11. To Do

12.  Work Time

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