1.  Diagram and label a computer
2.  List the 6 things a computer can do
3.  List the 5 statements in JavaScript you need to do these things
4.  What else needs to be said to make question 3 above true?
5.  How are computers different today from the first computers?
6.  How are computers the same today as the first computers?
7.  How will future computers be the same and different from today’s computers?
8. Diagram the programming process
9. How can tools hinder progress (Gauss)
10. How might computers revolutionize education?
11.  What is the purpose of the Operating System?
12.  Compare RAM with ROM
13.  ROM is like our ____________ .
14.  Diagram the relationship between the User, Application SW, OS SW, and Hardware
15.  Compare a bit with a byte.  What can a byte do?
16.  Use the following terms in a single sentence:  Internet, Firefox, html, server, browser, URL, WWW, packets, TCP/IP, domain name
17.  Compare a LAN with the Internet
18.  Compare the Internet with the WWW
19.  Why does the Internet send information in small packets?
20.  Which of our 5 senses can the computer do?
21.  Which of our 5 senses is the hardest for the computer to identify?
22.  What are the generations of computer History?
23.  Why does making a computer smaller make it faster?
24.  What is the basic technology computer designers use to make computer chips smaller?
25.  What is a parallel compuer?  How does it make the computer faster?
26.  Under what conditions will a parallel computer not be any faster than a non-parallel compuer?

27  According to class discussion, describe the characteristics of a job that will never be replaced by a computer.
28.  Other than #27 above, list 3 other factors that may keep a job safe from being replaced by a computer.

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