Recruiting Potential Subjects

First year students in Evergreen’s Master’s program in Environmental Studies (Conceptualizing Our Regional Environment) are conducting a research project on local attitudes towards climate change.  The goals of the project are not only to learn about and report on local attitudes about climate change, but also to help the students learn how to conduct qualitative research.

Would you (or someone you know – they are looking for a wide range of people with a wide range of attitudes about the issue) be willing to help us?

How?  Give a student 1 hour of your time!

When?  between Nov. 16 and 23

Where?  at a public location convenient to you

For What?  An Interview about your Attitudes toward Climate Change

Interested?  know someone (who would be SAFE for students to meet with!) who would be interested?   If so, please give me your name and contact information so a student can call you, or contact program faculty:  Judy Cushing call (360) 867-6652 or email

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