Amanda Goodman


Artist Statement

When thinking about what to do for my video essay I decided to explore the everyday experience of wondering and facial expressions through a free form personal essay. As I began writing I decided on having my audio express my thoughts on wonder and the still photography to show the facial expressions behind thoughts.

In some areas of my video essay I use images of people with many different facial expressions over silence to allow the audience to wonder what they may be wondering without the distraction of sound.

The main challenge I had with this piece was deciding on my topic. I thought I was set with my idea but it began changing everyday. I feel this is the best thread of my initial topic although due to lack of time spent deciding on my topic, I wasn’t able to record as much audio as I would have liked.

I have become very interested in people and how not one person thinks like another This is what I wanted to portray in my video essay. I am glad I had this experience even though it was a challenge. Now I know exactly how to go about it in the future.

Artist Bio

Amanda Goodman is currently a sophomore at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. She is from Los Angeles, California where her interest in writing begun. Amanda is interested in both writing fiction and non-fiction as well as media studies, she hopes to continues learning and experiencing both through out the rest of her academic career.