Chris Brown


Artist Statement

This piece is meant to be a statement about what I feel when I look at the world around me. Everyday people are bombarded with information and disinformation. If you are not paying attention you can easily find yourself in a position of passing on disinformation thinking that it was legitimate information. This in and of itself can produce a feeling of anxiety, anxiety which I hoped to reproduce with this film. The piece, which is just over three minutes long, gives a sarcastic nod to the similarities between propaganda and advertising. The whole piece is about the commodification of fear and how it is used to fuel the military and security industrial complexes. In making the piece I wrote both an infomercial and a free form poem. I recorded the audio into Adobe Audition and then used Adobe Premiere Pro to craft the original and borrowed images that make up the piece.

Artist Bio

Chris Brown is a student at Evergreen State College. Working on audio and video projects is one of his favorite things to do. Keep your eye on this guy, I think he might be up to something.(: