Danielle Glovin

Interrogating the Everyday Experience of Dogs

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Artist Statement

My intention with this piece was to explore my everyday interaction with dogs and how they affect my perception. I also sought to explain my fondness for dogs and the reason why I still haven’t had one that I could call my own. I created a lyric essay using personal experience, background information and imagination. Some of my poem was written by imagining how a dog would perceive it. I researched a dog’s differences in time and visual perception to write from their perspective. My intention was to capture the lackadaisical and humorous attitude that dogs inspire in our everyday experience.

The most challenging thing about my project was that I didn’t know very many dogs. As a result, I had to go scope out, take photos of and meet some dogs. It was really rewarding to get a chance to interact with dogs and their owners. Through working on this essay I realized that you don’t need to have a dog to be able to know a dog.

Artist Bio

Dani Glovin is a freshman at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. She is originally from Waldwick, New Jersey. This is the very first video she has made, but she hopes to continue to make video essays and films. In the future, Dani plans to study audio engineering and record bands.