Emma Loftis

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Artist Statement

With my video essay I wanted to explore the idea of the everyday collage through lyric essay and still photography. By doing so, I was able to expand upon the idea that everything we do in life is a collaboration of everything we have ever done. To me, it made the most sense to use the lyric essay form because it allowed for me to take excerpts from previous pieces and combine them with new writing to create a collage in my video essay. Using collage as a theme I wrote a lyric essay that is based mainly in stream of consciousness and alliteration. Using still photography in a stop motion sequence I was able to capture my collage process by taking a series of photographs at each step I go though in making a classic paper, paste, and cut out collage. The most challenging part of the process was combing the audio and the visual images so that they would run in sync. It was my goal to make a collage out of as many parts of the project process as I could. Overall, I see the project and how it was executed as a successful representation of the everyday collage

Artist BIO

Emma Loftis is originally from Eatonville, Washington and is currently a senior at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. Her academic studies have been primarily focused in creative non-fiction writing and media production. After graduation Emma plans to continue writing and hopes to work in film production.