Hannah Krasnow

Title of Video Essay

Artist Statement

Hannah Krasnow
Radical Amazement

My initial idea for a video essay was loneliness. But I quickly changed it to laughter. Which could be a whole psychoanalysis I’m not going to get into. I wanted laughter because I think it’s such a fundamental part of our lives, and everyone should laugh at least once a day. I chose a personal essay as my literary sub-genre simply because that is how I write the best. It comes naturally to me. When I chose laughter as my topic, I thought immediately of a clip of Patton Oswalt addressing a heckler in the crowd. I don’t want to delve too deeply into that, as you’re about to watch it. I accomplished what I set out to do perfectly- the final product is just what I imagined. The major challenge of this project was pulling up memories and feelings that are heavy (I know that sounds ironic, but you’ll get it after you watch the video) and the most rewarding was creating something with a message I love and a newfound confidence in my ability to work a computer. To forewarn everyone, be prepared for some graphic language and some very dark humor. But please do open your minds, and I think you’ll get the message I’m trying to convey.

Artist Bio

Hannah Krasnow, born and raised in Los Angeles, California, is a junior at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. She’s been writing comedy for fun since the age of six, and began pursuing it professionally at age seventeen. She currently writes for the comedy group “Generation Friends” that is in association with the Evergreen State College. She was a finalist in the TBS National College Comedy competition, a stand up competition for students. After graduation she plans on moving back to Los Angeles to continue pursuing her career as a comic and writer.