Final Projects

Leveraging midterm collaborative traction, the final assignment required each student to craft a video essay as a solo artist. Students were given a total of two weeks, from start-to-finish to do the work.

Project guidelines:

  • Minimum length: 3 minutes
  • Maximum length: 7 minutes
  • Writing, audio recording, and photography must be included.
  • Literary text to be created using forms taught in our program.
  • Voice recording of your literary text is required.
  • Your “voice” must be included.
  • Image track
    • Encourage use of and experimentation with still photography, exclusively.
    • May include up to a total of 90 seconds of video (running time).
    • Use of video is not required, nor preferred.
  • Use of natural or atmospheric sound is encouraged.
  • Sound effects may be used sparingly.
  • Music
    • May include up to a total of 90 seconds of music (running time).
    • Use of music is not required, nor preferred.

This assignment was designed for students to:

  • Increase media competency through creating and publishing media art.
  • Gain more comprehensive hands-on practice creating a video essay by working as a solo artist to plan, write, produce, publish, and present a finished work that reveals speaks to our programmatic theme (everyday experience), and employs poetry and/or creative nonfiction, and electronic media art.
  • Advance swiftly through a rigorous planning and production process.
  • Encourage informal peer support while working through that process.
  • Strengthen abilities to work individually in a creative context.

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