Mariah Gerth

To My Dear Lost Brother,

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Artist’s Statement

In this video essay I set out to speak to a very specific audience: Michael Williams. This is a private conversation set in a public forum. While the subject matter may be personal, I hope that the emotional gravity of everything I am trying to convey reaches this public audience.

A little less than two years ago, my adopted older brother removed himself from my life because he disagreed with a life choice of mine, but not before disrespecting me and everyone I love. He is still nearby, and is still talks to my sister. But he and I have not spoken since our one and only fight, two years ago. This letter contains a small percentage of all of the things I would like to say to him.

My audio is a personal essay, braided with improvised memories. All of the pictures, with one exception were taken at my house, with the help of my partner Derek Trygstad. The final picture is of my brother in our home in Ocean Shores thirteen years ago. He was sixteen in that photo, and fourteen when we met him. By that time he had lost most of his family; many of them were drug related deaths. I wish I had more time to tell you about his life, I have used it to justify his actions for many years. I think about him every single day.

Artist’s Bio

Mariah Gerth is from Ocean Shores, Wa. She is a sophomore at The Evergreen State College. She has taken several writing, literature, and film classes at Evergreen, as well as writing a column in her high school district’s newsletter and interning at the local television station. She hopes to work in documentary films or television in Seattle after she graduates from Evergreen.┬áSee my personal blog.