Megan Haller

Haiku & Follow Through

Artist Statement

For this piece, I decided to look at the concept of following through on actions and decisions that I make on an everyday basis –how my decision to either fulfill or abandon everyday tasks has an effect on my life on a larger scale. I’ve often noticed patterns of behavior involving this follow through –sometimes the results of those patterns are positive, and sometimes they serve to further negative behavior.

Originally I had planned to write a lyric essay highlighting a number of everyday tasks. After attempting that, I had the idea to instead write a series of haiku poems. I felt as though this helped to illustrate the simplicity with which I often make everyday decisions, despite their larger consequences.

My biggest struggle with this piece was deciding which situations I wanted to portray. All of them ended up being things that I deal with on an everyday basis –most often in an attempt to make myself into a happier and more functional person. I tried to take a light-hearted approach to the poems, although I do feel that they accurately portray how I feel and respond to my everyday choices and the desire to always better those choices.

Artist Bio

Megan Haller is a Junior at The Evergreen State College. She enjoys watching videos of baby animals, media arts, and starting things.