Preston “Too Cool for School” Pulliam

Quit Talking Claude..,


Artist Statements

My project is an attempt to further explore the personal narrative style of the double helix while simultaneously addressing my own personal obsession with Punk rock as a cultural movement. My intention was to give the viewer a sense of the kind of environments that Punk rock as a culture produces while also giving an idea of my own personal experiences with the culture. To do this I used extensive photography as well as found images and video. Overall I feel that I accomplished what I set out to do but realized after completion that such a topic is too vast to be covered in such a small amount of time. For research on this project I used my extensive knowledge on the subject as well oral accounts found in books and interviews over the past decade. Although little academic writing exists on the subject I’ve experienced much of what I am discussing first hand which I feel gives me the authority to discuss it in such terms. I think what I found most rewarding about this experience overall was the fact that I got to discuss something that means so much to me which I really enjoyed.


Preston is a Junior at the Evergreen State College who originally came from Seattle. Preston has a background in several forms of art and has studied writing extensively. He also produces Yikes!! Fanzine. This is Preston’s first attempt electronic media. Post graduation Preston intends to follow his dreams where ever they may take him.