Regan Johnson

The 71% : A Collection of Short Tales Relating to Water

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Artist Statement

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Regan Johnson

Radical Amazement

The 71%: A Collection of Short Tales Relating to Water

I’ve always had a connection to water. Water is part of the everyday . I knew writing about it would challenge me to discover why I have that connection.

When writing a piece that is serious or deep I always include the fact that my dad died. People know not to laugh at that. I was clear that I didn’t want to mention that event and by not doing so I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone and produced a piece that exposes me.

I would categorize this piece as a personal essay with some lyrical undertones. I played around with sounds, poetry and imagery. Throughout this piece I attempted to create a magical element. I wanted to capture a mystical yet natural world, the world of water. To create that world I experimented with music, but realized that silence, and the sounds of water were the most powerful.In the imagery, as well as the words, I wanted to show that the world I see is riddled with complex opposites and how magical that can be. I wanted the images to speak for themselves–to express humor and reflection, intensity and gentleness. I wanted to touch upon the female and male aspects of society and how intertwined they are. I understand that this is a female’s perspective but hidden in the corners you’ll find the male figure showing up.


Artist Bio

Regan Johnson: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Jr. @ Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA

Regan Johnson began making films for nonprofits and major profit companies when she was sixteen years old. Her first short documentary was about a woman who started a scholarship and tutoring program in Mexico, allowing students to stay enrolled in school. The film helped raise approximately $200,000 for the Anapra Education Program. After that first documentary Johnson fell in love with filming and formed her own film company, Royal Pathway Productions.

Her Films include:

  • I-lead
  • Christina’s Children: The Anapra Educational Project
  • Energy Australia and TAFE Apprenticeship program 
  • Blank
  • Teaching Human Rights
  • Human Rights for Zombies 
  • Perspective Breathing
  • Video Place

After graduating from the Evergreen State College, Johnson hopes to attend TISH at NYU. She wishes to continue studying film, making documentaries, and working as a film-maker.