Sean McCaw-Gregory

The Royal Road

Artist Statement

I chose to address my relationship with the video game StarCraft, which has been a significant part of my life for going on twelve years now.  The essay itself, titled “The Royal Road”, is an interrogation of the ongoing presence of StarCraft in my day-to-day affairs.  What is it about StarCraft in particular which draws me back to the title?  What does StarCraft mean to me?  Why do I feel StarCraft is an important, relevant part of my life?  These are questions “The Royal Road” explores.

“The Royal Road” is situated squarely in the genre of personal essay, as it is an exploration of an aspect of my personal life.  However, the essay incorporates certain research-based and generally informative elements into its body – namely those concerning StarCraft itself and the phenomenon of professional gaming, particularly in South Korea.

I opted for a fairly standard visual treatment of the essay.  Pictures of me, and footage of StarCraft in motion.  The essay is about me and the game, so this seemed appropriate.  The sound design is functional – a reading of the essay with some selected music tracks from the game, which are iconic to its players.

“The Royal Road” accomplishes what it sets out to do.  It explores StarCraft as a phenomenon both in my life and the world over.  There were numerous technical difficulties in creating this essay.  It was extremely rewarding to essay on StarCraft because it’s something I’m genuinely passionate about.

Artist Bio

Sean McCaw-Gregory is a student at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.  His focus is creative writing.