Taylor Good

Return To Sender

Artist’s Statement

Hello. It’s a simple enough word. People say “hello” everyday in hundreds of languages across the world. They say it to their family, their friends, co-workers, they say it to strangers on the street, and they even say it to themselves. It’s the first word in a conversation, a way to open the lines of communication.

When I began working on my video essay project I had a much different idea in mind. I wanted to focus on love. In that case my eyes were bigger than my stomach. As my work continued my idea progressed further into the idea of communication and the more I wrote the more I discovered. I continued to free write but most of my musings seemed shallow. So I turned to the form of the personal essay and recounted my process until finally figuring out how inescapable communication is, how much of our lives it consumes. Right now, in this author’s note, I’m communicating to you about my video essay. Try not to think about it too hard.

I was largely reflexive in my essay much to my own, and hopefully your, amusement. Much of my focus was on my audio postproduction. I experimented with many different effects my audio could have until finally settling on the effect I felt conveyed most accurately what I was trying to get at when paired with my photographs.

I feel I have only captured a small piece of what’s been on my mind in regards to the idea of communication and I am excited to continue exploring the theme through the video essay form. 

Artist Bio

Taylor Good is an artist and aspiring filmmaker living in DuPont, Washington. She is a Junior at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington where she will continue to study film and exploring the video essay format. Taylor was published in her community college’s literary magazine and won a Young Author’s Award in the 4th grade. After graduating from college Taylor has no plan, but she’s hoping she will figure it out.