Group D4

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Group # D4 Artist Statement

Group Member Names: Hannah Krasnow, Evan Holm, Regan Johnson

Title of the Video Essay: Perspective Breathing


For our video essay, we came to the idea of breathing pretty easily. It is the most everyday thing we could think of, as well as one of the most amazing. We kept the topic of “breathing” very open ended, and everyone came to our first group meeting with a piece of writing they created from their own perspective. In the end, we did a double-helix type of video with some skits, some free form poetry, and research woven throughout the essay.

We each researched an aspect of breathing that interested us and was related to our individual pieces of writing. Some research is more physiology based, while other research is on the spiritual side of breathing.

We feel that we accomplished our goal- our essay covers the bases of what we find fascinating about the “mundane” action of breathing that is so taken for granted.

For the less technology friendly people, learning to edit was a challenge at first, but once mastered a surprisingly fun and rewarding experience. For others, it was learning to take photographs in a new way.

All in all, we are proud of our final product and hope you enjoy.