Group D6



Collaborative Artists’ Statement: “Immersion”

In our video essay, “A Walk in the Woods”, we each describe  experiencing a forest for a brief period of time. We divided this experience into four parts: civilization, threshold, lost in the forest and return. As collaborators, we hoped to find some overlapping themes in all of our experiences and by assigning guidelines we believed the common themes would be clearer to the audience.

The concept of our video essay was inspired by Don’s nature walk assignment and the close proximity we are to nature at Evergreen; the forest is always available to explore.

The literary sub-genre for our video essay was a poetic narrative. We felt assigning a strict sub-genre could stifle the differences in our perspectives, so one voice was perhaps more poetic and another more narrative-based.

In the end, we feel accomplished because the perspectives are unique yet complement each other. Therefore, they can be compared and contrasted by the audience. Collaborative work is enjoyable also because different perspectives tend to naturally complement each other when there is harmony in a group. There wasn’t always harmony, but we ultimately found a balance and have created a something that we can agree is successful.


Ian Strouse
Maddie Kuzak
Jillian Fennessy