Group M1

From Fire to Fiber Optics

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Artists’ Statement

We chose to explore the juxtaposition between nature and human communication. We researched quotes and sayings about silence, language, and words. We chose to use the forest as the setting for our images, because communication is brought to nature, and does not exist there inherently. By going out in the woods, by having the signs with words on them; the act of venturing into the woods became a commentary on the nature of language, which is itself constructed.

We felt the free-form lyric essay would be the most appropriate form for this particular commentary, because we wanted to demonstrate the dynamic in question, as opposed to simply talking about it. Since we wanted to use quotes, and wanted to write them down, we chose to use a whiteboard, because we felt it would demonstrate the transient nature of language in the face of nature.

We successfully accomplished what we set out to do. We created a thoughtful piece which juxtaposes communication and nature.

The most challenging aspect of this project was contending with the elements. While in the forest shooting photographs, it started to rain, which hindered our process of writing the quotes on the whiteboard.

The most rewarding aspect of this project was how efficient our process was. We worked well together and finished with a quality project and with time to spare.


Amy Pfeiffer, Amanda Paris Goodman, Rebecca Rogers, Sean McCaw-Gregory