Group M3

Rust and Love

Artist Statement
Rain is a common event in the northwest. For many, it’s become a background event. We brought rain forward into our everyday experience and examined our relationship to it and explored its transformational effects. We each used rain as a contextual instigator, allowing it to compel from us – personal memories, anecdotes, and reflective ruminations. In writing our essay, we each wrote separately, then combined these rain themed pieces together in a lyrical essay with memoir-istic moments. Combined, our threads form a collective regional experience; disparate and unique raindrops from a shared cloud.

Artists’ Bio
Chris Brown, Catherine Alice Michaelis, Naima Noguera, & Vince Ynzunza are students at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. They are enrolled in a program called Radical Amazement: Interrogating Everyday Experience through Poetry and Video Essay.