Group M4

Video Essay:

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Artists Statement:

Our group decided to interrogate the concept of everyday traveling. We wanted to address the feelings surrounding daily movement. As a group we made an attempt at accomplishing this task by creating a video essay where you travel through each of our perspectives as to how this idea of everyday movement can be provoked. Throughout the creative process, we put together our segments individually, meeting up often to extensively discuss things and ensure that everything would work cohesively in the final product. After that step was over, we meshed each segment together.

The essay, Traveling Perspectives, is about everyday movement, of the mind and body. What M4 was trying to address is that everything is moving. We wanted to have four segments that the audience “moves” between. This style of formatting the video was used to invoke the idea of not only physically traveling from different places, but to also be moving through different perspectives. We chose to use free form poetry for the discourse of this topic.

The final product does a good job embodying our goals to interrogate the concept of everyday travel. The concept presented about traveling through our four different perspectives is subtle, we could have strengthened that aspect in our theme. It is hard to collaborate sometimes. It was difficult to think cohesively and creatively, because we are all full of different ideas. Despite said tribulations, the final product is rewarding, strengthened by the diverse personalities in the group.


Artist’s Bio

Kaytrin Dunlap, Ariel Peake, Danielle Glovin and Zachary Halpern are all students at The Evergreen State College. Ariel, Kaytrin and Zachary grew up in Washington while Danielle grew up in New Jersey.  This video was created for Radical Amazement: Interrogating Everyday Experience Through Poetry and Video Essay.