Group M6


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Artist’s Statement

Our intention with this project was to examine the changes in our personalities as we progress through the everyday. We felt that people act differently when they are at home at night from how they act during the day. To capture this, we each wrote three free-form poems with themes of day, afternoon, and night. We also each tried to capture aspects of our everyday through photography, then mixed and matched photos in editing. Through combining the pieces we felt as though we gained insight on the collective everyday experience of others.

Our video essay depicts the progression of our day and how our perspective identity changes as morning moves to night. We decided to portray this progression through the genre of free-form poetry. We felt this would give us enough freedom of expression for the ambiguous nature of our topic. The most challenging aspect of the project for us was the overlapping process of taking our photos and crafting a script. Our efforts came to fruition in editing, which was the most rewarding aspect of the project for us.


Emma Loftis

Dedrick McCord

Sean Neagle

Ninette Rincon