In this program you will have three main assignments and several smaller ones as they come up. No late papers will be accepted. All assignments are to be e-mailed to your seminar faculty by 5 pm on the day that they are due.

1. DUE WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4: locate, write down, and bring with you ten items of folklore: a proverb, a song, a family expression…all for sharing in class.

2. DUE FRIDAY, APRIL 27: A four page essay on some aspect of a Slavic or Celtic traditional belief system. Find the assignment here.

2. DUE FRIDAY, MAY 4: The proposal and bibliography for your final project. Specific details will appear shortly.

3. DUE FRIDAY, MAY 18: A  four page essay using a folktale from Celtic and Slavic tradition and viewing the two of them through a particular lens. Specific details will appear shortly.

4. DUE FRIDAY, MAY 25: the rough draft of your final essay (expect five to seven pages in the final product. Details to appear shortly.

5. DUE MONDAY, MAY 28: Posters are due to the poster printer. More information will be provided on this project and due dates.

6. DUE MONDAY, JUNE 4: the final draft of your essay.

Slavic and Celtic Folklore