Innovative ideas in teaching with technology


Evergreen faculty engage in developing new and innovative curricula, and many of them have done this using one or many innovative technologies.  What we hope to explore in this discussion are a few ways in which faculty have delivered content to their students using strange, interesting and creative technologies that enhanced the learning experience for their students.   Examples will be shown and hopefully those in attendance will be able to contribute their experiences (both good and bad) delivering content to their students in unconventional ways.


Innovative examples 2012

Animal Others Ruth Hayes and Ann de Marken
students each created a page on a group WordPress site that combined field observation, sketches of field journals and animations

Energy Systems and Climate Change EJ Zita
students use to create and share narrated presentations. Presentations were then embedded in program WordPress site

Museum or Mausolem Sarah Williams & Lara Evans
students kept a field journal in WordPress and then create a video essay on an evocative object using still images and recorded narration. Students also used Prezi  as an alternative to PowerPoint.

Radical Amazement Marilyn Freeman
students create video essays and shared on group WordPress site

Ready Camera 1 Sally Cloninger
had students create a WordPress site exploring a topic on early television

SOS Botany Frederica Bowcutt
students contributed to group wiki site to document the flora of the prairies of south Puget Sound

The Social Animal  Lara Citrin
students create audio podcasts

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