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Jawahir Ali: Oncovirus Mechanism

Steven Barker: Evangelical environmentalism

Shay Bensinger: Southern Resident Killer Whales

Ricky Boyer: Total maximum daily load Calculations

Cheryl Braun: White Bryony

David Brazieal: [1]

Donna Downs: Egg case (skates, rays and sharks)

Tomomi Hirokawa: Twins and handedness

Casey Lawrence: Nonylphenol

Matthew Marino: Sedum alfredii

Wendy Mathews: Exercise therapy for idiopathic inflammatory myopathies

Kent Reister: Dwarfing

Regan Roberts: Tiger farming

Sara Rosewall: Glomus intraradices

Sherah Smith: Nested set model

Erik Thuesen: Crossota millsae

Duran Westergaard: Street Sweeper