Much of the material that will inform our understanding of how people learn and what develops will come from the program readings.  They are in essence the “lectures” of the program.   Our collective time in seminar and workshops will depend on you having carefully read and thought about these texts.   We’ll then use each other in seminars and workshops to clarify, contextualize, apply and critique key ideas from the texts.

  • Tavris, C. & Aronson, E. (2007)  Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me)  
  • Rogoff, B. (2003)The Cultural Nature of Human Development 
  • Zull, J. (2002)  The Art of Changing the Brain
  • Miller, P (2009) Theories of Developmental Psychology (please get the 5th edition, 2009)
  • Wood, C. (2007)  Yardsticks
  • Coyle, D. (2010) The Talent Code
  • Rosenberg, M. (2003) Nonviolent Communication: A Language for Life(Try to get the 2003–or later–Puddledancer ed.)
  • Paley, V. (1993)You Can’t Say You Can’t Play
  • Nucci, L. (2008) Nice is Not Enough
  • Lareau, A.  (2011) Unequal Childhoods

Ÿ          Adolescent fiction:  selected titles to be announced

Selected articles and book chapters.  (See schedule for details).