Special responsibilities of the faculty

  • Attend a faculty seminar and business meeting each week ready to participate.
  • Attend all required program activities except when illness or other serious circumstances prevent attendance.
  • Be prepared for lectures, workshops and other activities as scheduled by the faculty team.
  • Continually work to create a community that respects differences and encourages an environment where students and faculty can learn with and from each other.
  • Make room for conversation and feedback by:
  1. making time available for individual conferences with students;
  2. giving prompt and meaningful feedback to student work;
  3. giving students feedback throughout the quarter so that written evaluations are not a surprise;
  4. during the fifth week of each quarter warning students who are in danger of not receiving full credit for that quarter;
  5. each faculty will write a formal quarterly evaluation that will be the basis of the final evaluation the student receives upon leaving the program; and
  6. giving each other honest feedback on workshops and lectures.
  • Acknowledge that racism, classism, sexism, heterosexism and other institutional forms of oppression exist, and that one mechanism of their perpetuation is our systematic misinformation about members of various groups.[1]
  • Agree to combat actively the myths and stereotypes about our own groups and other groups so that we can break down the walls that prohibit group cooperation and group gain.
  • Agree not to blame others or ourselves for the misinformation we have learned, but  accept responsibility for unlearning misinformation.
  • Avoid singling out individuals as spokespersons for particular group.

1 Excerpts taken from from Lynne Weber Cannon’s article, “Fostering Positive Race, Class, and Gender Dynamics in the Classroom.” Women’s Studies Quarterlv, 1990:1 & 2: 126-134.