Summer 2013

Program Covenant


I have read carefully and understand the program objectives, academic requirements, course description and itinerary prepared for this program for the Summer quarter, 2013, offered by The Evergreen State College. In order to accomplish the program objectives, I am prepared to:


1.      Attend all classes in China, and fully participate in all cultural workshops, field trips, and other events. Missing more than three sessions of the above activities without prior faculty permission will result in my losing credits;


2.      Be on time for all classes, field trips, and events;


3.      Do all assigned readings and field work in a timely fashion and be fully prepared to participate during program meetings;


4.      Complete and submit all required works on time, including Observation Portfolio, and language class assignments or individual research project whichever is applicable. I understand no late work will be accepted;


5.  Maintain regular contacts with my professor and respond to the professor's e-mail in a very timely manner;


6.  Write and submit a self-evaluation at the end of the program in time for evaluation;


7.  Have an evaluation conference with the professor upon return from China or at the end of summer quarter.


In addition to these academic responsibilities:


1.   I promise to abide by Chinese laws in both China and Taiwan, fully aware of the fact that I am responsible for my actions in the eyes of Chinese law;


2.      I promise to conduct myself in a manner that will reflect favorably on my country, my college, my family and my colleagues;


3.      I promise to refrain from taking any illegal drugs and I will exercise moderation insofar as legal consumption of alcoholic beverages is concerned;


4.      I will have health insurance that covers accident or illness during the entire trip and will return to the US in case of severe illness, civil strife, or natural disasters;


5.      I will have adequate financial resources for the duration of my stay and a plan to obtain additional funds in case of emergency;


6.      I will inform my professor of all travels during the course of the program even if it is on my own time;


7.      I promise to take the initiative in seeking help from my professor and the instructors on site whenever significant difficulties exist for me within the program or home stay;


8.      I understand that my professor at TESC and National Taiwan College of Performing Arts are responsible only in academic matters and are not responsible for my health and life or personal affairs or individual trips I take beyond offering counsel and advice;


9.      I understand that the host school is not responsible for my health and life or personal affairs or individual trips I take,


10.   I understand that the Chinese Universities/College may determine that a health emergency exists due to contagion or disease, I agree to abide by any decision by the University/College to suspend or cancel classes due to such emergencies. I understand that there will be no refund of fees in this event.


11.   I understand that the travel part of the program terminates on Friday, July 14, 2013, and that neither the program leader nor the University administration will be responsible for my life and actions after I leave the short term program, even if I still remain China/Taiwan;


12.   I understand that the itinerary and some proposed activities are subject for changes due to unpredictable conditions, and I agree to accept my professor's and the instructors' decisions about any such changes;


13.   Finally, I understand that if my behavior becomes disruptive or unacceptable to my classmates, professor or school personnels, I may be asked to leave the program. This entails both loss of credits and loss of the right to stay with the school or participate in program activities, with no refund.  I agree that my professor will be the sole and final judge in any such decisions.



Signed: (Please print your name and sign next to it)