Presenting CS Research to a general audience

The article we read this week was  meant, not for a computer scientists, but for domain science researchers who might be interested in, and want to solve their own, “Big Data” problems.  Write about how well you think the paper accomplishes that goal. Your paper might have the following paragraph structure:

1. What problem does the work described in the paper aim to solve for a particular science domain (which one?).  What is the main point (or points) the paper is trying to get across to domain scientists?

2. What is the authors’ solution to this problem?

3. What strategies do the authors use to describe both the problem and their solution?

4. Are the problem and proposed solution applicable to other scientific domains?  Why or why not?

5. How effective are the paper itself and the communication strategies used in getting the message across to a general scientific audience? How might it be improved?  Were you convinced that the research undertaken by the authors offers a possible solution, and would you (if you were a scientist) be willing to invest time or energy in exploring it?  Why or Why not?