Week 3 – April 15

This page under still under construction.  Check back again Sunday for the ‘final word’!  on the nav bar docs: 

  • http://blogs.evergreen.edu/cpat/files/2013/03/CPaT-schedule.pdf has regular class schedules
  • http://blogs.evergreen.edu/cpat/files/2013/04/CPaT-help.pdf
    has days/times of help sessions
  • For stats and data mining, see the respective syllabi for reading assignments! 

Monday:  April 15

  • 10-12 no change from syllabus.
  • 1-3  Seminar.  Seminar groups will be posted SOON!  1-2 page reflection writing due – hardcopy in class and to the moodle.  Be sure to explicitly state the question you are responding to.  You may choose one of the following two questions, or write your own.
  1. David Salsburg in The Lady Tasting Tea paints a very personal picture of the development of a new scientific discipline (statistics!).  In particular, you are presented with a kind of feud between Fisher and Pearson, a feud that was only partially based on personality.  As best you can, describe the fundamental differences in the approaches to statistics taken by these two key figures in the history of statistics.
  2. The Lady Tasting Tea describes in some detail how certain statistical innovations arose from real world problems (e.g., crop rotation, beer mash fermentation for Guiness, etc.).  Pick one of the several  problems in the book, describe it, and then tell the statistical story related to that problem.    What was it about the problem that required or inspired innovation?   If you can address or speculate, how did the particular innovation lead to a more general idea that was more widely applicable?


  • 9:30-12 – Stats Lab.  Last week’s stats lab due.  Bring hard copy to lab and submit the excel file to the moodle – as specified in the lab document!
  • 1-3pm  Project Meetings with faculty.  Lab open for working on your projects, or finishing stats or Data Mining labs .  Faculty will meet today with half the project groups
  • 3:30 – Our SECOND speaker!   See Lecture Schedule.

Wednesday  – no change from syllabus


  • 9:30-12 – Data Mining Lab – Turn in your lab report from today by midnight to fileshare (Workspace\\_DataMining\\Lab 3)
  • 1-2:30 – Project Meetings Today:  TO BE POSTED.


Other notable news of the week relevant to CPaT:

A colleague forwarded me an article today in NY Times on “data science”  and I noticed it features a quote from Bill Howe, who will be speaking soon!  http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/14/education/edlife/universities-offer-courses-in-a-hot-new-field-data-science.html?pagewanted=all&_r=1&