Week 4 – April 22

Monday’s seminar reading (posted below) is short to give you time to finish Lady Tasting Tea for Week 5.  

  • http://blogs.evergreen.edu/cpat/files/2013/04/CPaT-schedule.pdf  has class and project meeting times, rooms.
  • http://blogs.evergreen.edu/cpat/files/2013/04/CPaT-help.pdf
    has been revised – Friday help session with Jesse cancelled (until more students want it).

Monday:  April 22

  • 10-12   See Stats and ML pages.
  • 1-3  Seminar.
    Required reading – V. M. Megler and David Maier, Data Near Here: Bringing Relevant Data Closer to Scientists, IEEE Computers in Science and Engineering, Special Issue on Science Data Management, J.B. Cushing and J. French (eds.), May-June 2013 (to appear).
    Optional Reading:
    – If you are interested in more technical depth about this project, see:  Megler, V.M. and Maier, D.: When Big Data Leads to Lost Data. Winner of PIKM “Best Paper” award. In: PIKM 2012: 5th Workshop for Ph.D. Students at CIKM, Maui, Hawaii (2012).
    -Alternatively, if you are more interested in how to present research to a general audience, take a look at the ideas in Science as Storytelling.

1-2 page reflection writing due in seminar – on ONE of the two questions below (or your own question).  Bring a hardcopy to class and upload an electronic copy to the moodle:
– Write a short analysis of the assigned paper.  See Analysis of a Scientific Paper for direction!
– Write about how well you think the paper accomplishes the goal of communicating with domain scientists (rather than only to computer scientists).   See Presenting CS Research to a (more) general audience for direction!


  • 9:30-12 – Stats Lab.  Last week’s stats lab due.  Bring hard copy to lab and submit the excel file to the fileshare: programs/cpt/Workspace/_StatsLabReports/Week_3/
  • 1-3pm  Project Meetings with faculty – see Program Schedule.  Lab 2617 reserved for working on your projects, or finishing stats or Data Mining labs.
  • 3:30 – PLATO Royalty Lecture!   See Lecture Schedule.

Wednesday  – No Class.  Campus Wide Day of Absence/Day of Presence.  schedule: http://www.evergreen.edu/multicultural/dayofabsencepresence.htm .


  • 9:30-12 – Data Mining Lab – Turn in your lab report from today by midnight to fileshare (Workspace\\_DataMining\\Lab 4)
  • 1-2:30 – Project Meetings with faculty – see Program Schedule.  Lab 2617 reserved for working on your projects, or finishing stats or Data Mining labs.

ML Homework 2 is due. See ML page.

Other news relevant to CPaT:

Evergreen faculty Zoltan Grossman, pointed out to faculty in an email on 4/18/2013, that Evergreen graduate Thomas Herndon, now a U. Mass-Amherst Economics doctoral student, recently caught glaring errors in data published by two eminent Harvard economists (associated with the IMF and pumped up by Paul Ryan). The Reuters article is about how he single handedly discredited the thrust of their analysis on debt. Thomas was the TA in an Evergreen Political Economy and Social Movements program in 06-07, and we’re quite proud of his accomplishments.   Those of us in stats should note that the original authors admitted to a coding error in the spreadsheet.