Week 6 – May 6

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  • 10-12   See Stats and ML pages.
  • sign up for Science Carnival http://www.evergreen.edu/events/sciencecarnival/
  • 1-3  Seminar.
    Required reading – two papers from Bill Howe, our Tuesday speaker (we strongly suggest you read the first paper BEFORE the second
    SQLShare: ScientificWorkflow via Relational View Sharing.  Bill Howe, Francois Ribalet, Daniel Halperin, Sagar Chitnis, E. Virginia Armbrust, Computers in Science and Engineering (CiSE), May/June 2013 (to appear).
    Real-Time Collaborative Analysis with (Almost) Pure SQL: A Case Study in Biogeochemical Oceanography.  Daniel Halperin, Konstantin Weitz, Bill Howe, Francois Ribalet, E. Virginia Armbrust.  Scientific and Statistical Database Conference, Baltimore, MD.  July 2013 (to appear).
  • 1-2 page reflection writing due in seminar – on ONE of the two topics below (or your own question).  Bring a hardcopy to class and upload an electronic copy to the moodle:
    Note: DO NOT summarize part of the reading. Instead, provide an interpretation of and/or an opinion about what you read. If you feel like the default topics are leading you down a path to summary, please choose your own topic to discuss.
    Default Topic 1:  In the business world the “as-a-service” model (Software as-a-service, Platform as-a-service, etc.) gives companies the ability to turn computing technology into a predictable expense. What does the “as-a-service” model give the scientific community?
    Default Topic 2: Both Howe and Megler’s systems improve the availability of scientific data. Their data even comes from similar sources like scientific cruises. However, these projects result in very different systems. Compare and contrast the requirements and results of the “Data near Here” project and the SQLShare project. (If you chose this topic take care to have a thesis and not just a list of observations).


  • 9:30-10 – Stats lab.  You must be in lab to get the password for the quiz, not at home, but you can use your own laptop.  No notes, no books.  After noon the password will be removed and you can take or retake the quiz as many times as you want.
  • 10-12 – Stats Lab  – Midterm (optional) due date.  Hand in last week’s stats lab with your midterm.  Bring hard copy to lab and submit the excel files for the lab to the fileshare: programs/cpt/Workspace/_StatsLabReports/Week_5/
  • 1-3pm  Project Meetings with faculty –  Lab 2617 reserved for working on your projects, or finishing Stats or Data Mining labs.
  • 3:30 – PLATO Royalty Lecture:   Bill Howe, Ph.D., Director of Research, Scalable Data Analytics, eScience Institute, Affiliate Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington.  http://homes.cs.washington.edu/~billhowe/ how cloud computing can support interactive, visual, exploratory science, SQL Share.  Check out Bill’s new Coursera course:  Introduction to Data Science!  Sound familiar?   See Lecture Schedule.
    Lecture required for all students taking seminar; suggested for all others!
    Be there or be square – Bill is way cool.

Wednesday  – 10-12   See Stats and ML pages.


  • 9:30  Midterm and last week’s stats lab due – THIS IS A HARD DEADLINE!  Exceptions only in the most dire of circumstances.
  • 9:30    ML Turn in your lab report from today by midnight to fileshare (Workspace\\_DataMining\\Lab 5)
  • 1-2:30 – Project Meetings with faculty – Lab 2617 reserved for working on your projects, or finishing stats or Data Mining labs.
  • by Midnight, post a response on moodle to 2 of other students’ Seminar Papers.

ML Homework ???  is due. See ML page.