Week 9 – May 27

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  • If you are behind on the Stats Labs or Midterm, it’s not too late – check out help from Robyn Mondays 3-5pm!   See CPaT-help  Note also that if you need help with STATS concepts – the QuaSAR center can help!  They won’t know JMP or Resampling Stats, but the know the concepts!  They have lots of hours where stats help is available.
  • CPaT-scheduleWithProjectMtgs has class and project meeting times, rooms.

MondayNo Classes (Memorial Day Holiday)

Tuesday: HEADS UP!  Student Advising will likely be on strike Tuesday, and many campus facilities will close for lack of staff.  IF THIS IS THE CASE, we will post the Stats Lab and you can do it on your own.

Project meetings and our lecture will take place at The Capitol House Apartments, 420 Sherman St. SW.  See email from the moodle for more information (sent Monday around 7pm). 

  • 9:30-10 – R (stats) lab.  Last week’s stats lab due (hardcopy to turn in during lab).  No Quiz to allow time to finish the R lab, and talk with faculty about any labs you might be missing.
  • 1-3pm  Project Meetings with faculty –  Lab 2617 reserved for working on your projects, or finishing Stats or Data Mining labs.
  • 3:30 – PLATO Royalty Lecture:   Bob McKane, Environmental Protection Agency, Corvallis OR.  Modeling Natural Hydrologic Systems with VELMA (Visualizing Ecosystems for Land Management Assessments) – Coupled hydrological & biogeochemical cycle.

Wednesday  – 10-12   See Stats and ML pages.


  • 9:30  ML final exam (in lab; on the moodle).  time in lab for you to finish any outstanding labs.
  • 1-2:30 – Project Meetings with faculty – Lab 2617 reserved for working on your projects, or finishing stats or Data Mining labs.


  • 2-4 Kara will hold a Stats help session – Lib 2617 (computer lab with windows). 
  • No ML Homework due. See ML page.

FAQs for this week:  (email sent by Judy Wednesday afternoon)

A few quick announcements for those  who were NOT in lecture Wednesday morning:

1.  Judy has put the slides of some of the Tuesday afternoon lectures on the the program web site.  Not everyone gave me slides, so not all are there.  This might be useful for those of you who would like to use some of that material in revising a seminar paper for next Monday!   http://blogs.evergreen.edu/cpat/lectures/

2.  Remember that tomorrow is the final exam and lecture for Machine Learning.   In Lab – thursday 9:30.  For a review of concepts to study, see the ML page.

3.  Judy has put the slides for her lecture today on Data Archives (as well as Bob’s VISTAS animations) onto the program fileshare – https://myfiles.evergreen.edu/academics/programs/cpt/Handouts/Stats/week%209%20-%20R/Wednesday%20Lecture%20Notes/ Bob’s lecture notes are on the Lectures page – see (1) above.

4.  People have had a few questions about the final exam – I’ll send out a clarifying email soon.

5.  People have also asked about what to hand in as a lab report if they are doing Part I of the R lab this week (i.e., the Cyclismo tutorial).  If you are doing Part I of the R lab, hand in the conclusions of the Case Study that you do.  If you don’t get to the Case Study due to lack of time, hand in a one paragraph summary of which tutorial lessons you finished and what you learned from the tutorial.