Week 1 – April 1

The first week of the quarter will be slightly different from most weeks to make time to organize term projects.  Please – All students need to attend all day Monday, Tuesday afternoon 1-4:30, and Thursday afternoon 1-2:30, this week, even if you are not taking the components that usually take place at those times!

Please complete the CPaT Student Questionnaire on the Moodle by Tuesday 10am at the latest.

Monday:  April 1
10-10:30 –  Introduction to the faculty and the program
10:30 – Introduction to Project (Aaron)
11:00 – Introduction to Modeling/Stats (Judy)
11:30 – Introduction to Data Mining (Richard)

1-3 – Project Proposal Workshops (in small groups to be assigned)

9:30-12 – Modeling/Stats Lab.  Read Ch. 1-2 of Meadows’ Thinking in Systems. Modeling Exercise using Stella.

1-4:30 Project Proposal Workshops.

10-11 – Modeling/Stats Lecture
11-12 – Data Mining Lecture
12-1  – Alumnus Phil Palios (at Amazon) will talk about getting a job in computing

9:30-12 – Data Mining Lab
1-2:30 – Project Proposal Workshops


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