La Mesa Field Notes

Nick Smith’s Field Notes:

  • The mesa is directly East of Umatilla Rock, it offers an amazing view of the valley and Dry Falls Lake.
  • The plateau landscape is very similar to the valley, except for the fact that most of the rocks and shrubs are a lot smaller.
  • The plant life here is much¬†more¬†exposed to the elements.
  • The lichen up here is very varied, ranging from caustic yellow, to pale green, to ash black.
  • There is light brown soil underneath the layer of rocks.
  • Covering some of the soil is a small moss like plant that has star shaped flowers.
  • The iron in the basalt here is very oxidized, even when I broke open a rock I found pockets of red.
  • The rocks along the edge of the cliff face are very unstable and make it an uneasy experience to sit near the edge.
  • The epic beauty of this place is very visible here.

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