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A – Log Week 9

16 hours – reading (This Compost, Neuro, The Midnight, various poetry, The Forge and the Crucible, Creative Mythology, Transcendental Magic, etc).

8 hours – sound design and digital art utilizing granular processing in Ableton Live, Photoshop, and Corel Painter.

16 hours – paper writing, continuation of drafts, peer-review and editing, formatting and final drafts.

8 hours – poetry, journal, nature walks and reveries.

Total hours – 48

A – Log Week 8

16 hours – reading (This Compost, The Forge and the Crucible, The Alchemy Reader, Creative Mythology, Neuro, various poetry, etc).

5 hours – sound design with granular processing in Ableton Live, and digital art.

8 hours – online and library reasearch, reading 3 peer-reviewed articles by MIT Press on granular synthesis and cellular automata (computer systems modeled to reporduce like biological organisms).

12 hours – working on both papers, continuation of outlines and motifs and then first drafts.

Total hours – 41


A – Log Week 7

16 hours – reading (The Alchemy Reader, Jung’s Psychology of Alchemy, Creative Mythology, Neuro, This Compost, various poetry, The Forge and the Crucible, The Red Lion, Timeaus).

8 hours – software desing (granular scrubber design in Reaktor programming environment), sound design with granular processing in Ableton Live, and digital art.

5 hours – nature walk, journaling, poetry, and reveries.

8 hours – online and library research.

3 hours – paper outlines and motifs (modeling after The Midnight and This Compost).

Total hours – 40


A – Log Week 6

16 hours – reading (The Alchemy Reader, The Forge and the Crucible, Creative Mythology, This Compost, Transcendental Magic, The Red Lion).

10 hours – software design (granular scrubber design in Reaktor programming environment), digital sound design, and art.

5 hours – nature walk, writing poetry, and journal.

5 hours – reviewing notes and doing online research into  esoteric alchemy. Watched documentary on hermetic traditions by Terrence McKenna).

Total hours: 39

A – Neuro Reverie Week 9

“Despite their many differences, it is possible to identify a general picture of “the self” and “the person” emerging from contemporary developments in the brain sciences. In this picture, consciousness, with its image of the person a sunified, purposive, intentional, and self-aware, is by no means the master in its own house. Consciousness is an effect, a metarepresentation, which creates an illusory, but probably evolutionarily advantageous, sense of coherence and self-direction.” (Rose, Abi-Rached pp. 219)

“A Mutation in Ethics and Self-Technologies?” What are the moral implications of a self no longer seen as fully autonomous, but instead arising out of a multitude of neural processes that are largely unconscious? When is the self at fault, or accountable for its actions? Where do we draw the line? I think that we can use the modern neurodynamic model of the self in tandem with atavistic philosophical and spiritual traditions that have been addressing these questions for thousands of years. I believe there can be a synergy between the scientific models of the times and the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions. We may now know what we have always intuitively known about the human experience.  I seek to bring awareness within my egocentric self and the the sociocentric self of relationships. I believe that in order to bring about a greater balance and synergy between humans and their environment we must learn to use the tools and technology of our times to re-invenent and re-qualify the human image. With greater awareness and greater intention we can overcome unsustainable modes of living. The mission statement for the philosophy, cosmology, and consciousness program at California Institute of Integral Studies reads in part “This multifaceted crisis requires a fundamental reorientation of our civilization, one in which a compassionate humanity becomes a mutually enhancing presence within Earth’s complex systems of life.” I think that the current neuro-imaging technologies can provide a way of mapping our own complex evolutions both as individuals and societies. It may be romantic, but I believe we can use these tools to evolve our species in a way that is more efficient, much like a “self-aware” computer program that can make changes to its own coding.

A – Neuro Reverie Week 8

“The contemporary Western conception of the Self – individualized, bounded, with interior depth and temporal continuity, self-possessed, autonomous, free to choose – was not natural, given, or universal, it was historical and cultural achievement.” (Rose, Abi-Rached pp. 203)

Their are two basic models of the self: the interdependent, sociocentric self that arises out of relationships between the group, community, or tribe and then there is the egocentric model that has arisen in the West. The self is holoarchic (a holon is both a part and a whole). The self perceived as separate and individualized from the social unit, with it’s own autonomy and free will; and the self perceived as indistinguishable from the social unit form a dualistic gap that in my opinion gives rise to many forms of psyhcopathology in the “individual”. How do we bridge the gap between these dual aspects of the self? Deconstructing social dualisms can be part of this reconciliation, but in order to understand how the dynamics of the self, it many be helpful to understand the plastic nature of the brain and the neurological basis for the formation of personhood.

Music of the Spheres


Word comes through the mist / of music Sacred secrets spiral / vibrating voices Ascending / harmony is drawn from / dissimilar proportions Pluck the / stars and watch them vibrate / spinning round a central fire / Emblazoned circle / Embryonic state of soul spheres / Pillar of creation / Compose the scale etched earth / and father matter’s muse Play / strings, whose death god bodies / stone kissed movements of / evaporating form Adore the / sun under figure of black stone / Most brilliant luminary wisdom / Milk and blood of salt / First matter meddled Golden / ratios sing sweetly Saturn / frozen Salient and somber / Elements ascend smoke of / purest incense Churning / melodies draw auspicious / amber-citrine sirens upwards / Purest One Pure Stone / Effulgent under the sacred / circle stars of rhythmic origin / The immaculate soul of fire is / temple of diversity Mind and / music stand marble scales / Broken spheres stone celestia / Picked harmonic God bodies / from metal black abodes / Basal blueprints Decomposed / signs figured words motives of / the ages Sphera Lunae / Sempiternum Auxilium / Illuminated cherub of Ezekiel / scribed in sky Augmented / apotheosis Inverted virtue / Images of place and being / preserved in astral light / Suspended Sustained Death / Transfigured bodies blend earth / and Sky One terrestrial and / elementary the other aerial and / sidereal Ink across soul / parchment folded in on self / All is surface Harmonia / est discordia concord / Volatilization of the fixed / Fixation of the volatile / Shoreless ocean Fathomless / void Sacred Tetractys / magnificent edifice of scales / harmonizing heavens Rounds / of angels preserve the golden / stone Absolute Fixed Central / Complete and cyclic numbered / nature  Hieroglyphic theory of / composition nested within an / incommunicable tetragram / The name of the redeemer / Monad point source Dyad line / excess defect Triad plane Unity / Diversity


Word Yolk

Seed of word-body decomposing / nutrient rich packet of information / Embryo /Yolk / new bodies for new soil / / new growth shoots green / stems flowering buds and leaves / feed the living shepard tone / aural mobius / language

Recycled Waste (Land)


 Ruin    inevitable,


                                                bloom the land fallen dead.

Memories  of the  lustful

germ and rain.