lp – Bachelard Reverie: Neuro .1

“We have a social brain in that the brain has evolved to favor a certain type of sociality manifested in all the interactions between persons and groups that come naturally to humans in our social lives. And we have a social brain in that this organ is now construed as malleable, open to, and shaped by, social interaction—shaping sociality as it is itself reshaped by it.” 163


Neurons finely tuning themselves, reacting to all and every interaction perceived.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Shaping me as I am shaping you, we will forever be stored in the neurons firing in each other’s brains,

and changing each other always as we grow older.

For inside me, there will always be you there,

shaping you as you shape me.

Yet, when the natural response to change is resistance,

I find myself, not only accepting, but actively constructing the change itself.

Pursuing the depths of uncertainty that these constructs may bring.

As if you are the oyster, and you are tasting me

as I am tasting you.

Dive in.

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