Finl Presentation Poem


my mind is not unlike the galaxy.

deep and dark, mysterious. thoughts floating around for eons, like lost astroids, then

the ah-ha! moments hit like a meteor hitting the earth – suddenly, a flash of light,

with expansion of wonderment,

with exploration of unknown creativity,

forever leaving an indent in my being, in my earth.


I repeated it aloud over and over again in the warm bath water

Yoni, yOni, yoNi, yonI….

each time required a new expansion of breath.


creativity,                  meeting the slowly wafting waves, originated by My lungs.

Pondering apon the meaning of Yoni,

“An Entrance to the Universe”

Pondering upon the universes my feminine body encounters:

A Universe of Exploration

the creative touch brings breaths, brings moans, brings warm wet places to the surface of our union, from the depths of my internal universe. then,

the granted entry into my universe, my yoni.  private, unique, my pear, picked to perfection, to consume, to renew, to build, to drip the juice of life.  this is one entrance to the universe, my universe.

and when this universe is entered, my yoni likes to speak, to be loud, to laugh, to moan, to scream, to expand and expel the tension that grew and grew all fucking day.


creative exploration.


A Universe of Expansion

your growth, nourishment, brings expansion of my belly.  into a globular, hanging universe made just for you. tripping over my breath to keep up with you, staying focused, feeding you, feeding me. then,

descending. waves of intensity wash me to shore, swallow me and lay me back down on the sand again, repeat. repeat. repeat. trying to replenish my lungs enough to keep up with your

grand ascending.  this is one entrance to the universe, our universe.

and when this universe is entered, my yoni likes to be heard, to listen, to teach, to moan, to cry, to contract and to expel the tension that grew and grew all fucking 41 weeks.

hello, creative expansion.


Breathing, breathing, inward, outward.

my body is a portal, a sacred portal of universes rich with coming and going.

mysterious and deep,

my yoni is like the galaxy,

ripe with the unknown,

with wonder.

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