L – Week 7 Log

February 17th      

4 hours: Reading
2 hours: Listening to The Doors
11/2 hours: Drafting

February 18th

2 hours: Reading
1 hours: Notes about Jim
1 hours: Outlining Holdrege
2 hours: Listening to The Doors

February 19th

2 hours: Watching Documentaries
1 hours: Drafting
3 hours: Watching Interviews

February 20th

2 hours: Listening to The Doors
11/2 hours: Journaling
21/2 hour: Reading

February 21st

1 hours: Drafting Holdrege
2 hours: Drafting
1 hour: Watching last Documentary

February 22nd

1 hours: Listening to The Doors
2 hours: Morrison/About Morrison Interviews
2 hours: Drafting

February 23rd
21/2 hours: Reading
1 hour: Drafting
11/2 hours: Listening to the Doors
2 hours: Holdrege paper work

February 24th

1 hour: Reading
2 hours: Watching Interviews/Lost Paris Tapes
2 hours: Drafting Poetry


This week: 46.5

Cumulative Total: 121.5

Reading List:

The Lords
The New Creatures
The American Night
No One Gets Out of Here Alive


Feast of Friends (1970)
The Doors: A Tribute to Jim Morrison (1981)
The Doors: Dance on Fire (1985)

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