lp- Bachelard Reverie .4

“For, as so many ethnographic studies of laboratory life have shown, the laboratory is not a “non-space”: it is itself a real configuration of persons, devices, and techniques, which imposes its own characteristics on the data generated, as well as the interpretations made of them, and all the more so when the subjects are individual living creatures, be they human or other animals” (Neuro 228)


And have you ever been so far away?

And have you ever seen the light through the tunnel at the end of the gray?

And have you ever been locked in a cage?


And have you ever been unwillingly changed?

And have you ever been estranged?

And have you ever been told you’ll live to see another day?


And have you ever been told you caused something or someone to be that way?

And have you ever noticed things change for a better grade?

And did I ever tell you that everybody is this way?

Forever changing with the day.

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