lp- Searching/Waking Up

Vibrations echo in the halls of my mind

Mind vibrations echo in the halls

Failure to submit is truth that I find

Finding failure to truth and submission

The feelings of pleasure are like rope in a bind

Bind the feeling and rope the pleasure

The thoughts that we must filter will make you go blind

Blind the filter of thoughts that can make you

                The feelings of emptiness and a repressed flash of emotions

                Deciding to stay or run from these cold ancient notions

                But you know that to stay means pain and despair

                But you know that to run feels weak and leaves you bare

                And within that split second at a million miles an hour,

                Even though all your heart wants is to cower.

                Suddenly you find the despair is better than nothing

                And that inevitably the pain gives you power

We can’t decipher reflections from sight

Sight from reflections can’t decipher us

Realizing what you need to win the fight

Fighting to win the realization

A switch that gets pressed and turns on the light

Lights gets pressed when switches turn on

Sometimes I really believe that I’m right

Right that sometimes I really believe

Darkness imprisoning me in the night

Night imprisoning me in the dark

                And so when the smoke does finally clear

                You still have to wonder if it’s easier to run

                But in what you don’t know it’s easier to fear

                I would rather live in fear than know that they won

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